Contact Logger - customer Interaction Logging

System for tracking customer interaction for front counter and call centre staff

Beta Release Available

This is a full working version of the application.  The administration has been moved into the application.  All files are available.  The manuals will be available shortly.


  • Always available desktop interface. Customisable colours and location on screen.
  • Start and stop calls with a simple click.  Save call details quickly with defaults and previous call memory to speed up the process.
  • Quickly change users on the fly.
  • Comprehensive reports for analysing calls


  • Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later, any edition (Database creation scripts are included in the download)
  • OS - Microsoft Windows XP or later


The sharing model is based on managed source code.  Using the OPT-IN model.  ie Contact us with errors, issues and what you'd like to see added and we will collate the requests and contact all participants with the cost with the option to opt-in to the updates.  Use the Contact Us option on the right. The versions of source code will be limited


The application is copyrighted to New Plymouth District Council.  You are welcome to use the application in any way for use within your organisation.  The right to distribute the application is reserved.  If you wish to share the application within New Zealand outside of the LocoSoft forum, you must get permission from LocoSoft  (Use the Contact Us form) or the New Plymouth District Council.  Distribution outside of New Zealand is not permitted.


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